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Eine Reckwalze ist eine Umformmaschine mit profiliertem Walzwerkzeug, die den Materialquerschnitt des Werkstücks im Längswalzverfahren definiert verändert. Die Reckwalze wird in der Massivumformung

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PRESSTRADE – services covering every aspect of forging, die forging and more

We are your service partner and are available globally to support all of the developments in your forging company with our vast service range.

Our team of skilled specialists are at your disposal to answer any questions and meet any challenges on any aspect of forging. Whether you need our help at short notice due to machinery breakdowns, would like a partial or general overhaul or the complete relocation of your forging lines – we are ready to take up the challenge.

PRESSTRADE can support you in every aspect of forging – from assessments, valuations and feasibility studies through to detailed project planning and the commissioning or automation of your machines. Let us know your problems and we will solve them for you.

Forging assembly service

Finding simple and effective solutions to difficult problems – no problem at all for our qualified and experienced specialists in the dismantling and rebuilding of forging units and machinery.

Tailored to the specific requirements of our customers, we take care of the complete assembly process, not only of single machines but also of complete production lines.

Thanks to our many years of experience in machine assembly, we can safely carry out complicated dismantling and rebuilding of machinery with the help of specialist tools and equipment such as our 60 t boom truck.


We can recondition single machines as well as complete forging lines. We have the specialists who can update your production facilities in line with the current state of the art.

Whether you need a billet shear, hammer or press, open or closed die forging machine – we can offer you tailor-made solutions for your production requirements and can often show you different ways of solving problems.

Our many years of experience enable us to react to your demands at short notice.


Our service team is always there for you whether you need assistance with maintenance or support following a machine breakdown.

Our experienced team of specialists will quickly come to your assistance immediately if necessary, even at weekends.

We have an enormous variety of spare parts in the huge warehouses of PRESSTRADE and we can build one of these into your machine until  your new part is delivered.

Repair of mechanical or electrical equipment is part of our daily business, regardless of the type, manufacturer and location of the machine.

Assessments and valuations

PRESSTRADE provides impartial valuations of machinery and equipment in line with market conditions.

The value definition of such machinery, equipments or entire production plants is the most important constituent of machine assessment reports. PRESSTRADE has more than two decades of experience in this sector and extensive knowledge of the forging market.

We also offer a full service of asset realisation in cases of insolvency consisting essentially of:

  • Valuation
  • Seizure
  • Storage
  • Overhaul and realisation
  • Gutting and clearing of production plants

We also carry out the following machinery assessments:

  • Assessments for funding recipients and lessees
  • Assessments for banks
  • Value assessment of business units
  • Current value determination
  • Damage assessments

Please contact us for more information or send us your detailed enquiries.